Yassa Spices- Salt, coriander seed, cinnamon, garlic, green peppercorn, ginger, thyme: together they weave an extraordinary flavour spell. Check out our blog for Yassa recipes! 


Umzimvulu Spices- Salt, coriander seed, cinnamon, garlic, green peppercorn, ginger, thyme:  Black pepper with chilli and ginger is a remarkable combination. Does great things for the flavour of all tomato based dishes, beef, game and dark meat fish.


Peri-Peri- Calling up the flavors of the Eastern Cape's Wild Coast region, Peri Peri salt combines sea salt, chili, paprika, pepper, garlic, brown sugar, lemon rind, orange rind, parsley, smoked paprika and oregano in an ideal table seasoning for flame-grilled chicken, pork, prawns or vegetables.


Swahili- Lemon Pepper- To create Swahili Lemon Pepper, spice artisans blend black pepper with citrus, garlic, salt and a pinch of chives. This adaptable blend enlivens steamed and green vegetables, chicken, duck, game birds, fish and pork, and can be used to make a delicious white wine butter sauce or flavorful salad dressings.


UKUVA Spice Grinders

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