Malawi Gold- The chilli experience is interesting: it has a mildly fragrant start, a snap in the middle and a lingering warmth that builds to quite an intensity... So if the first bite of Malawi is mild, hang in there - it WILL warm up - promise! Great on pasta or painted on chicken, pork, or fish over some hot coals! 


Zulu Fire Sauce- A moderately hot, red chilli sauce with great body and exceptional depth of rich flavour.Zulu Fire Sauce is the friend of red meat and tomato-based vegetarian dishes.


Safari BBQ- Mild curry flavour with a background of peach and apricot - it is tangy and fruity and sweet and spicy: its a flavour that creeps into people's flavour memories. Not hot but definitely delightful. 


Harissa- Harissa is built on a base of natural ingredients - it is pure red pepper and spice flavour. It is not exceptionally hot, but the flavour base is robust enough to support it. A common North African chilli spice. 


Peri-Peri- Peri Peri Sauce showcases red bird's eye chili peppers against a base of lemon and garlic, with hints of black pepper and parsley. Peri Peri hot sauce is the perfect accompaniment to grilled chicken and prawns. Brush a little onto chicken as a marinade a half hour before grilling, and paint prawns with Peri Peri once they hit the grill.


Check out our blog for more recipes featuring all of these sauces! 

Ukuva Sauces

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