Malawi Gold- The chilli experience is interesting: it has a mildly fragrant start, a snap in the middle and a lingering warmth that builds to quite an intensity... So if the first bite of Malawi is mild, hang in there - it WILL warm up - promise! Great on pasta or painted on chicken, pork, or fish over some hot coals! 


Zulu Fire Sauce- A moderately hot, red chilli sauce with great body and exceptional depth of rich flavour.Zulu Fire Sauce is the friend of red meat and tomato-based vegetarian dishes.


Safari BBQ- Mild curry flavour with a background of peach and apricot - it is tangy and fruity and sweet and spicy: its a flavour that creeps into people's flavour memories. Not hot but definitely delightful. 


Harissa- Harissa is built on a base of natural ingredients - it is pure red pepper and spice flavour. It is not exceptionally hot, but the flavour base is robust enough to support it. A common North African chilli spice. 


HOT DROPS- GHOST CHILLI- is very, very hot... Those who know chilli, claim it is eight times hotter than a Habanero, which is 100,000 times hotter than a salad pepper. This is for the dare devil that loves heat but also packs a punch or flavor!


HOT DROPS- Fermented Four Chilli- A personal ButterPear favorite. This hot suace packs all the flavor that our first time we opened it, it was gone in ONE DAY! Fermentation adds a fascinating 'yeasty' dimension to flavour: this is what draws people to the taste of beer, Marmite and bread: its Umami - the bridge sense that connects savoury flavours.Four Chilli Fermented Hot Drops has that fascinating dimension- it highlights other flavours - paricularly grilled meat, pizza, pasta, cheese and tomato dishes.


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