"Inuka" means rise up in Swahili! With this bracelet you are supporting the livelihood of #Refugee's living in America and changing the narrative of what it  means to be a refugee! This bracelet is a sign of hope, made from recycled paper then rolled into beautiful beads to create a spiral bracelet.  With this bracelet comes the first two chapeters of Neema's story and her life in Congo and Uganda. You can preread this story on our blog. This is a GREAT gift to give, and it's the gift that gives back!  https://www.butterpear.com/post/neema-david When you purchase the book will come as a card cover booklet and bracelet wrapped together.Orders ship in bulk mailings and can take 5-10 days to show up for mailing notifications. Orders made before December 10th will be delivered by December 15th! 

Neema Bracelet & Inuka Story


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