Lappa wax print fabric used to create a beautiful maxi skirt that is sure to be a favorite go to essential! Great for nearly any occasion!  Turn heads with the vibrant colors and designs that these amazing Liberian Artisans hand crafted!

Elastic waist for one size fits most sizes 4 to 16. If you have questions on a certain print or any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at!

Medium Length Lappa Skirt

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Short Skirts
  • Length: 24"

    Elastic Waist: 20" - 44" one size fits most.


    For sizing questions email:

    • You can wash them by machine at 30° C.
    • Dry on LOW heat to reduce shrinking.
    • They are cotton and they will shrink some. 
    • We prewash all skirts before shipment because wax prints come with a wax feel on top of fabric.
    • To remove this waxy feel, washing is neccessary. 

Sourced ethically and naturally.

Vegan and cruelty free! 

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