From Congo to Cleveland tells the uplifting tale of Adolphe Musanga, taking readers on a journey through Central Africa and the American Midwest. Intimate and stirring, Musanga delivers a message of self-empowerment that’s sure to inspire.

Comprising three sections beyond its insightful introduction, the novella begins by recounting a life of poverty and hardship in Congo-Kinshasa—one that Musanga leaves behind. Next, altogether different challenges are faced as an immigrant: a towering language barrier, culture shock and the ultimate task of employment. The author’s ultimate successes— vocational, academic and social—stand in stunning testament to dedication’s power.
For those seeking motivation, self-help books are certainly useful, and a biography about one of history’s greats is always worthwhile. One shouldn’t however, undervalue the stories of everyday heroes.
A study in perspectives and a beautiful meditation on resilience, From Congo to Cleveland serves to remind us all that hard work does pay off—that vigor and adaptiveness mean more than the hand we’re dealt.
Enter the world of Adolphe Musanga, and reexamine your own...

From Congo To Cleveland