Reinforced, quilted bottom. Contrasting straps. Top zip. Handle drop 9''. 14''H x 20'' W x 7''D. Inside pocket. Upcycled flour sack lining. 100% cotton shell. This could be your GO TO bag! Great for a weekend get a way or even a fashionable diaper bag! 


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Meet the Maker!

Meet Cecilia: Ever since learning to batik in 2000, Cecilia has loved using her hands to create colorful designs. Her favorite batik design is the Global Mamas Daisy Star pattern. Cecilia has experienced business success and growth since partnering with Global Mamas in 2007. She has been able to send her children to high-quality private schools and buy land in the hopes of one day opening a batiking school there. She credits this success to her fair trade training, which she received when joining the organization. “Fair trade taught me how to care for my employees, their health, and the environment.” Cecilia can name and discuss almost all 10 fair trade principles in depth.


“My proudest accomplishment since joining Global Mamas has been acquiring land for my family and business. Being able to pay for my children’s education has also been an accomplishment."

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    Sourced ethically and naturally.

    Vegan and cruelty free! 

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