Pillow covers only**

These various pillow covers are made of AUTHENTIC mud cloth and baoule cloth. Made in Bamako, Mali, who shine at incorporating contemporary mudcloth into their designs.Sold singly. These are surely to make your room special! They are antique cloths all coming with minor imperfections, that of which make the design so beautiful and boho!


The pictures are labeled for which pillow is which name and the options show the sizes of the pillow covers. And listed below


Indigo Mudcloth- 18x18 case

Indigo Mudcloth Small- 12x12 case

Baoule Color Fringe- 18x18 case

Baoule NO Fringe- 18x18 case

Baoule Fringe- 18x18 case

Rust Mudcloth- 18x18 case

White Mudcloth- 18x18 case

Authentic Pillow Line

$20.00 Regular Price
$17.00Sale Price
  • These CANNOT be machine washed. They can only be hand washed or soaked. The MUDCLOTH is not to get wet, it  will loose its color as it  is literally made from the technique of using mud to color it! Care instructions will be sent with each case. 


Sourced ethically and naturally.

Vegan and cruelty free! 

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