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Wood Carvings in Liberia

We have a few good friends in Liberia that are true artists when it comes to wood carvings. Such beautiful designs and detailed, each with a specific story. What we see at the end of this art piece isn't the only part that makes this art intriguing. These pieces are so fascinating because of the process in what it takes to create these pieces. Our friends get in wood canoes and travel deep into the thick bush of Liberia. While seeking the best mahogany wood to use to create these carvings- they saw down the tree in the hot and humid climate and then travel back by canoe to their homes to create carvings to sell.

For some, this is the only income they can receive so they go to the markets and tourist places to sell some of their art. While Liberia isn't always viewed by everyone as a tourist destination- it is certainly on the up and coming for many. Check out some of our wood carvings coming soon to !

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