How did ButterPear come about?

In 2016, I set fourth on a journey to a new land. That land is Liberia. I had studied up all on its history that had so much of American influence but yet so much more culture rich in land and resources. It was truly unlike any place I had ever visited.

After meeting so many friends and building those relationships over the last couple visits, I just wanted to do more. To give more than me. After receiving so much amazing hospitality on all of my trips, I knew this story wasn't going to end any time soon. Many children that live in the rehab community worked by creating baskets and other arts to sell to tourists or missionaries, while there aren't many of those year round, this is a source of income for them to go to school. In the rehab community, many have leprosy or TB that effect their bodies so much greater than my eyes have ever seen. And yet, the begged and begged for education.

I was able to visit a village in Gbarnga of Bong county, were I received the name Gbolomai. Which means, "to bring unity to the people you hold close". This had my brain turning.

While traveling home I was reading about Elisha and how he asked for a "double portion", at the moment I was listening to Needtobreathe's song, Multiplied. And the words, "May this offering stretch across the skies, and these hallelujahs be multiplied" rang so loudly in my ears I was covered in goosebumps that my skin looked like chicken skin.

Multiplied AND a double portion. I knew it was the time to do something.

I had saved up money to go back to school for a degree in counseling, but when I returned home I became sick and didn't leave my bed for almost 2 weeks straight. While in bed, I kept thinking about Butter Pear. My friend Winston, brought me produce everyday. I told him I loved avocados, which I found out were called "Butter Pears" in Liberia. Little did Winston know, he was planting a seed.

All the money I saved for school, got put into creating a non-profit dedicated to giving back to the Liberian people who create such beautiful goods. Skirts, wood carvings, baskets, bracelets, necklaces, and bags all handmade with such talent and an eye for art.

ButterPear was born. And now after being purchased from Artisans at full price and brought to America for you to purchase to create a new revenue to now support education in partnered schools, YOU have the ability to make the difference- to multiply all these blessings! ButterPear- making education possible for all & creating an economy and community that helps each other, even across the skies.

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