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ButterPear in Liberia! #CareLiberia

Hello ButterPear friends and family!

We are blessed during this time of Covid-19 to be able to answer the calls that are needed with the help of YOU! With you we have been able to support food and disinfectant give aways. As the need with our program and friends in Liberia we want to continue to not only be an answer to a need, but help our friends thrive to overcome any obstacle that may come their way with proper preparation.

Some of you may know, the rate to $1 USD right now in Liberia is $195. From what we have heard from friends in Liberia is that hunger is a major issue due to the lockdown. While we want to continue to donate masks we are seeing the priority need right now, is food.

In Reuters article about the lockdown in Liberia it is said that,

“Corona is not going to kill many people. It is hunger that will kill many Liberians,” Jettroy Kolleh, a student, as he stood on Thursday outside a bank in Monrovia, where dozens of people had queued in close proximity to withdraw money.

We want to band together as humanity to find the ways to answer these needs. While we have sold several hundred masks we are stretching our resources here for the Cleveland Refugee community and our partners in Liberia, Kenya, Congo, and Uganda. If you'd like to join in with us and our friends to provide food, disinfectant, and masks please share our page and/or donate to our paypal or venmo! Or share our masks with your community, every masks supports these efforts! With just $1 you can help us support 4 masks! With $8 you can support an entire package!


Venmo- @shopbutterpear


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