A sisterhood of the traveling....skirt

I've received a lot of questions about our skirt sizes and how they work. The thing is, because they are handmade in Liberia I've done my best to make a skirt that fits sizes across the charts. Eventually, I would like to expand to have more sizes, but for now heres the low down on our sizes.

All shapes, heights, and ages have tried on these skirts. For example, the skirt you see here on this 6 year old diva, is the same skirt you see on this 26 year old! We think thats pretty cool!

The elastic band helps these skirts fit a wide range of sizes. We know that all bodies come in different shapes and sizes, and we want to encourage body positivity. So if you have a question about a certain fit on a specific design, shoot us an email! We'd love to assist you. If we happen to not have your size, we also can take your measurements and put in an order for our next shipment from Liberia so that you can also be a part of our tribe!