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Mohamed Almasri-

Syrian Soul Bracelets


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Mohamad almasri

Mohamad is a refugee from Syria. He came to the United States in September 2016 after living in Jordan for 3 years. In Jordan, Mohamad ran a business selling a number of products including jewelry, phone covers, and perfume. About two years ago, Mohamad starting making his own bracelets here in the United States made with natural stones and lava beads for essential oils. Mohamad's Syrian soul bracelets have been sold at various markets throughout the Cleveland area including in Lakewood and Shaker Square as well as at Root Cafe in Lakewood.

Mohamad loves to sell his jewelry at the various markets in the Cleveland area. He loves to meet new people and practice his English by chatting and getting to know his customers. He also finds joy in the happiness his beautiful bracelets and necklaces bring his customers. Mohamad greatly enjoys the process of making his bracelets too. He loves to choose different colors and new beads that he thinks his customers will enjoy. Each of Mohamad's bracelets represents different qualities that are important to him.


In October 2019, Mohamad and his Syrian soul bracelets were featured on News 5 Cleveland along with the US Together Microenterprise Development Program. See the feature here.

You can find Mohamad’s products on ButterPear's shop during the month of April. You can also find him afterwards on Facebook and Instagram as well as on US Together’s Microenterprise Development Program’s webstore: https://www.ustogether.us/mohamad-almasri


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