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Christian Amuli Photography LLC

Christian Amuli Photography LLC is open for business! The mission of this new refugee-owned business is to provide high quality affordable photography services to immigrants and refugees as well as other community members in the greater Cleveland area. Christian hopes to help capture people's memories so they can relive them through the photos and continue to celebrate them for years to come.


Christian is a self-taught photographer. He learned from friends and family who are also professional photographers as well as via Youtube. He has been practicing photography now for 3 years and has done photography sessions for family and members of his community up until now, including maternity shoots, newborn shoots, individual sessions, and other community events. He can also do high quality photo editing and has used photoshop to create high resolution, attractive flyers and photos for community members and community events during the past 3 years as well.

Many members of Christian’s community, the African immigrant and refugee community, struggle to find affordable photography services to help them capture the many community events that take place, as well as significant family moments. He wants to make sure that members of his community as well as other refugees and immigrants can afford to have their memories captured too, so they can relive these wonderful times just like any other person.

Christian Amuli Photography offers a variety of photography services for clients including wedding/engagement photography, modeling/fashion shoots, maternity/newborn shoots, family shoots, portraits, kids’ photos, and graduation photos among others. Christian will also offer high quality photo editing on a limited number of photos per session or per event for his clients.


While Christian hopes his photography will bring more affordable photography services to the immigrant and refugee populations here in the greater Cleveland area, all are welcome and he looks forward to helping all members of the greater Cleveland community cherish their memories forever through his photos.

To see more of Christian’s work be sure to follow him on Facebook and Instagram!

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