Adolphe Musanga- from Congo to cleveland

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adolphe musanga

From Congo to Cleveland tells the uplifting tale of Adolphe Musanga, taking readers on a journey through Central Africa and the American Midwest. Intimate and stirring, Musanga delivers a message of self-empowerment that's sure to inspire. 


Comprising three sections beyond its insightful introduction, the novella  begins by recounting a life of poverty and hardship in Congo Kinshasa, one that Musanga leaves behind. Next, altogether different challenges are faced as an immigrant: a towering language barrier, culture shock and the ultimate task of employment. The author's ultimate successes: vocational, academic and social, stand in stunning testament to dedication's power.


A study in perspectives and a beautiful meditation on resilience, From Congo to Cleveland serves to remind us all that hard work does pay off; that vigor and adaptiveness mean more than the hand we're dealt.

You can purchase Adolphe Musanga's From Congo to Cleveland here!

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